You’ll Never Guess Who We Get to Call Tomorrow

Did you hear it? The distant sounds of chains breaking and falling, rusted and beaten, to the ground at the feet of a family of four who got sick of their weight 25 months ago?

With four index fingers hovering over a mouse button tonight we all clicked it and sent off our last payment.

We’re debt free.


Wow, that feels good.

the Dad

The Home Stretch – We Really are Going to be Debt Free, Aren’t We?


Happy 2011, everyone. If your Christmas & New Year’s celebrations were half as fun as ours were, you’ve got to be excited about this year!

Usually I try to write something pithy and poignant when I blog, but I’m just too darned ecstatic to come up with something other than WE’RE ALMOST THERE! …continue reading

Four Thousand Dollars Later, the Wait is Nearly Over [UPDATED]

Tomorrow is the vote.

In the past 8 weeks we have been hustling; hard. I’ve picked up two new side jobs — one tending bar and one doing freelance visual effects while The Wife has worked diligently turning last year’s October debacle into a pillar of savings.

In the last two months we have added four grand to our emergency fund and paid the bare minimum on our remaining debt.

By this time tomorrow we’ll know if we will need it to live on while I look for my new career or if we get to drop it on the last credit card.

Thanks for hanging with us. You’ll be the first to know.

the Dad

Update: No: 135, Yes: 87. Sigh of relief and tomorrow morning $4,000 goes right on to our last debt!!

Emergency Mode – Stop the Debt Snowball and Pile Up Cash

“By focusing on our finances regularly we were able to see an on-coming train and prepare for the safety and security of our family…”

My cheese has been moved.

Last week things at work took a huge shift; a majority of my colleagues signed union cards and filed their intent to vote on organized representation with the National Labor Board.

I’m not going to debate the idea of union vs. non-union work here, but as a jack-of-all-trades whose position is impossible to classify, organizing is not in my favor at all. The two most likely outcomes I see are either a strict narrowing of my duties and a pay decrease of about 50% or an elimination of my position. …continue reading

Get Over It, Get Up and Go Garage Sale Shopping

“The discussions and lessons we got in return were worth a lot more…”

The kids and I had such a ball the other day that I want to share it with you. Specifically with those of you who, like me, have never taken part in that great American past-time: garage sale-ing.

Like it or not, the kids are along for this ride.

The kids have been living the get-out-of-debt dream with us for almost a year and a half now. They have adapted beautifully to our family’s new financial values.

They earn their own money each week and we coach them through saving, spending and giving. Very rarely is there any drama or whining about buying something. If you don’t have the money, you can’t buy it. If mom and dad don’t have the money, they don’t buy it either. …continue reading

[EBM] The Dance Recital

“Perhaps I’m just feeling surprised and beat up as line-item after line-item shows up for this thing like a mechanic calling throughout the day to tell you he found another thing wrong with the car.”

The Wife has taken dance classes since she was two and danced professionally into her twenties. I, on the other hand, had almost no paid hobbies growing up. With those differences, it should probably be no surprise that we need an Emergency Budget Meeting about the kids’ upcoming dance recital.

To The Wife it is expected that we budget for costumes and recital tickets and, hey, I’m cool with that. My kids rocking a stage? Awesome. It’s all the other things that are starting to freak me out; maybe I need some perspective from other parents. …continue reading